Ignoring the North Cape

Oh yeah! As I planned to cycle north, actually to Tromsø, It would be logical to pinpoint the North Cape. Because this is what has to be done.

Well, guess what? I’ll drive 4500 km to the north of Europe and will not take the selfie at the most northern point of Europe. Oh yeah, I have the guts to not do so.

On a previous trip, by car in wintertime I found my way to Lofoten, but didn’t have the time to go further up. So this chance I could take to see Troms and the whole region, by bike & by kayak. That is why I directed my first leg of my Europe-trip to the north, to Tromsø in Norway.

When I was talking about going to the north people assumed I pointed my nose to the north cape. And as most people did, I also started to do too.

As my plans became more detailed and I spoke with a lot of travelers, we came more or less to the conclusion that the north cape is not more then a silly geographical -been-there-took-the-photo-bought-the-t-shirt destination.

And on the road, when people asked the obvious question: ‘Are you on your way to Nord Kapp?’ My answer made them nod and confirm that Tromsø was a beautiful place indeed. People who went there also told me it was a bit crowded. These are two seriously good reasons not to go there. Moreover, I just heard that now there was even an entrance fee to be paid.

And the main reason: I figured out that the bicycle trip from Tromsø to the north cape is 500 km AKA 1 week. In my reasoning that is a lot of kayaking around Tromsø.

When I was in Tromsø I asked the locals if cycling up North, even for a few hundred kilometre, would give me a substantially more exciting scenery then the one I was enjoying already. Each time the answer was a convincingly ‘no’.

So Tromsø became the most northerly point of my travel and at the same time, the furthest from home.

2 gedachtes over “Ignoring the North Cape

  1. Ben benieuwd om jouw nieuw stuk te lezen, het stukje over “tijd” heeft al veel positieve reacties uitgelokt!



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