About me, my project and how to support me


Thanks to the @explorationbrothers who created this very complete video, 😁.

At the start of the adventure I’m 36 years old -and I already spent 1 birthday on the road-. And just like society expected, I had a job, an apartment, a car & the right amount of friends.

In the garage a few toys, which didn’t got out a lot because ‘we are so busy’.

It felt it was time to change some things, and it would probably be something with travelling.

To keep it short, I bought a bike, made it an ebike, added a trailer with solar panels to charge the bike and filled the trailer with a kayak and freediving gear. Somewhere in Italy, I changed my kayak for my kite surfing gear.

Me with all my gear.

On April 1st at 10 am I left home and started pedalling north.

Support my journey!

I’m doing this journey for the joy of traveling, the enlightenment of meeting so much great people. The budget of my trip is low, I’m living a nomadic life. Which is a great experience in our capitalist surrounding.

Here under I added a ‘donate’ button. This is not because I’m the 21st century beggar, but because on my trip I encountered a lot of people who asked for this. Gentle people who couldn’t host or help me, but wanted to support my journey.

The traveling itself I can manage. Of course there are more costs then just the traveling, there are the ferry’s, or the costs to keep this blog online, and obviously the unexpected breakdowns, which could end the trip.

If you’re inspired or thrilled by my way of traveling or the project and you like to support me, get in touch with me, and if you want to do more, donate to my project.

Thank you very much.